Host/TV Personality, Lifestylist™
& Youth Motivational Speaker

Meet Craig

About Craig

Craig is the multi-talented TV personality, creator and executive producer of two web series – Style Minute (60+ episodes and 1M+ views) and Craig Stokes Presents: The Show (interviews with celebs and other influential people).

He was selected as one of the 7 HBCU Alumni to Watch in 2013 by Huffington Post where he was compared to fellow HBCU alum, Oprah Winfrey.

Craig has spoken to over 100,000 youth, college students, faculty and parents across the country.

He motivates and inspires audiences to live THEIR best life by not blending in with the crowd, creating the right impressions (personal branding) and dressing for success (style).

Craig is a recognized authority on motivating youth audiences, personal branding, style and pop culture by FOX, BET, FBLA, and UNCF.

More About Craig

He is the founder and designer of the internationally recognized My Vote Counts campaign – a non-partisan movement, launched in 2008.

Craig uses a down-to-earth, relatable approach to connect with audiences whether on TV, on the red carpet, or when challenging teens and young adults to live their best life, be their best, etc etc etc at middle, high school and colleges and universities around the country.

Craig lives in North Carolina, is an officer in the US Air Force Reserves, and will dunk on you.

You can say hello to Craig by clicking here to go to the contact page. Feel free to download the photos and bio below (coming soon)!